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July 2017 Remembering Rock

Have you ever been in a situation where it feels like you're nothing but a doormat? There are times when serving at camp can feel like that; nothing goes your way, you have to serve in ways that are unexpected or that you didn't want to, and no one seems to appreciate how flexible your service is.

March 2017 Remembering Rock

This past weekend was the first of two THAW Youth Group Weekend Retreats at Rock Mountain. These retreats, for middle school and high school youth groups, are always an awesome opportunity to minister and connect with local churches and students. The name itself--THAW--is more significant than just a reference to the theoretical warming and melting that should happen in March. Rather, it is a reference to our prayer for these weekends; that God would use them to melt hardened hearts and soften and deepen a love for Him.