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Since 1996, our Christian Camp, Campground, and Retreat Center in Pennsylvania has been providing opportunities to experience Truth, Community, and Change through Jesus Christ. Engage the Rock Mountain Experience as a church group, family, or camper at our Christian Camp and Retreat Center, Youth & Adventure Programs, and/or Family Campground.  We hope you will join us, and engage the experience!




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Our story began in 1945 when Arrowhead Ministries (our formal operating umbrella) was founded as Arrowhead Lake Bible Conference. The sole purpose for Arrowhead Lake Bible Conference was to provide Christian Camp and Retreat Center Conferences in Pennsylvania that allowed youth & adults to come away from their daily routines, and be impacted by the preaching & teaching of the Word of God. Then in 1951, Arrowhead Lake began an on-site bookstore ministry to provide Christian literature and resources to those who attended the conferences. Arrowhead Lake quickly grew and the following year we added exclusive Summer Camps that specifically target youth, and then in 1962 we began the Shepherds Camp Program that specifically provides Christ-centered summer camps for teenagers with developmental disabilities.  Today, Arrowhead Bible Camp  operates a camp and retreat center that provides Shepherds Camp, a Day Camp, rentals to Christian groups and churches, and ministry opportunities for individuals & groups.  And Arrowhead Parable Christian Store is our bookstore that provides a large inventory of quality Christian books, music, and gifts to the Greater Binghamton area through our 14,000 square foot store location in Johnson City, NY; and nationwide via our association with Parable Christian Stores, a national association of independent Christian bookstores.

In 1996, Arrowhead Ministries took over 'Camp of the Nations' (established in 1974), and re-opened Rock Mountain Bible Camp as a Christian Camp and Retreat Center in Pennsylvania.  The vision was to expand Arrowhead's ministry to youth, churches, and families at the 200+ acre camp. Summer youth programs were relocated to Rock Mountain in 1997 (Teen Camp) and 2001 (Junior Camp). Fall Overnighters were relocated to Rock Mountain in 2001 & 2005. Our firstTHAW-Youth Group Weekendwas in 2009, our free Winter Fun Nights began in 2011, and Mini-Camp started in 2014. On-site & off-site Adventure programs were started in 2002 (TEAM Initiative Course & Zipline), 2003 (The Path), and 2005 (Joshua Trek). Rock Mountain's ministry to churches has grown from a handful of churches in 1996 to average over 50+ churches and Christian groups served every year. The ministry to families in the Family Campground has grown to serve 250+ families per camping season (May-October).

God has blessed our camps & bookstore. We look forward to continued ministry to children, teens, families, churches, Christian organizations, student groups, individuals with developmental disabilities, and our own team of seasonal and full-time staff. Our prayer is that God would use our camps and bookstore to be places were His truth is proclaimed, taught, experienced, and meditated upon. We hope you will join us, and Engage the experience!

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