The Talk of the Town

Wow, what a winter we had!  This seems to be the “talk of the town.” Everywhere you go people are talking about lots of snow and record breaking temperatures.  In our case this only amplified the excitement and intensity of our winter retreat season!


This week, the week before Easter is a sacred, and significant one for those of us who know Jesus as Savior. I trust that you are spending time reflecting and resting in God's truth, the sacrifice that Jesus made for our redemption, and His victory on Easter Sunday! One of the songs that I have had on repeat for the past several years as a part my personal worship during the Easter season is "Why" by Nicole Nordeman.

Get Outside! (St. Patrick)

Camp is a place of change and growth. Getting outside normal routines and outside into nature creates a prime setting for these opportunities.  Getting into God’s Word through study, meditation, and prayer while in such a setting encourages us to experience God’s work in our lives.  Time away from home, out in God's creation, being challenged by God’s Truth, is what makes a camp or retreat experience so powerful.