The other day when I walked in my house, even before I opened the door, I could hear Spencer, our family dog barking.  As I entered there he was wagging his tail and running around like it was the first time we have seen each other in a long time.  Truth be told, I had just left him roughly two hours ago.  He jumped up on the couch and flopped onto his back begging me t

Off the Mountaintop

On weekends when we are busy serving guests, and running camp, we also make it a priority to spend some time studying the Bible together. This fall, the focus of that time has been on the story of Gideon.  God called Gideon to deliver the people of Israel from the oppression of Midian.


Go! Make Disciples!

Jesus gives this mission before His ascension.  It is not a suggestion, nor a recommendation. It is a command! 

All who follow Jesus, must "GO! Make Disciples!"