Summer Camps & Retreats: Why Serve?

When you think about serving at a summer camp--what comes to mind?

Is it crazy outfits, silly songs, and ridiculous games? Because yes, there's some of that involved.

Is it long days, hot temperatures, and kids calling your name 150 times a day? Because--yes, that happens too...

Or do you think about the child who hears the gospel for the first time, or takes that step of faith in Jesus Christ? 

Remembering Rock: Prayers, Praises and Updates from RMBC

We've come a long way! Things have changed here at Rock Mountain Bible Camp in the past 20 years. We are grateful for how God has continued to guide and bless the ministry of Rock Mountain, and for lives that have been transformed by Jesus Christ here at camp! We want to share some of what God has done as we celebrate 20 years of camping ministry--and of course honor Campground Hosts Bob & Flo for their faithful service.