30 Days of Thankfulness...

We've got so much, so much, so much, so much, so much, so much, so much, so much, so much, so much, so much {CLAP} to be thankful for!

This classic camp song (that one of our guest groups is famous for), features this as its chorus. The verse starts with the line "We've got our ___________ to be thankful for," and every verse fills-in-the-blank with a different blessing God has given. From people, to favorite foods, the song is a way to list and recognize the many good gifts God has given to us!

In light of this Thanksgiving season, & in the spirit of 30 days of Thankfulness, please praise God with us for His many blessings this past year!

Rock Mountain's 30 Days of Thankfulness...

1. Lives that responded to the Gospel for the first time.
2. A super team of summer staff members.
3.The privilege of helping campers understand new things about God and His Word.
4. Twenty-seven brand new groups that came to Rock Mountain.
5. God's faithfulness during our time without a Camp Director
6. John Goodenough's return to Rock Mountain.
7. A new camping cabin
8. An awesome Family Campground team.
9. Many volunteers who assisted with completing physical tasks & improvements around camp.
10. The addition of a second week of Junior Camp.
11. The beginnings of a new seasonal staff house.
12. A core of faithful weekend staff members who serve with excellence and joy.
13. Widened & improved roads and camp infrastructure.
14. The spiritual growth of our seasonal staff.
15. Safety during our programs & retreats.
16. God's work and presence during Teen Camp
17. The impact on so many campers during Junior Camp
18. An excellent team of youth camp counselors.
19. Conversations of encouragement with pastors &  leaders at camp.
20.The faithful prayers of so many people for God to work in lives at RMBC.
21. The faithful groups that we have had the privilege of knowing and serving alongside, year after year.
22. Financial provision, and many generous donations.
23. Spiritual growth that comes as a result of new friendships, and the community that camp creates.
24. The stewardship to plan and work towards serving in new ways at camp.
25. A year spent reflecting on Truth & Love, as revealed in God's Word.
26. Former youth campers who have grown to be leadership staff and impact others, the way they were impacted at camp.
27. Unity within the Full-Time staff team.
28.  The beauty of God's creation.
29. Wisdom and discernment during stretching seasons of ministry.
30. God's blessing and faithfulness in bringing Himself glory through His work at camp.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday, and thankful for you as we celebrate God's many good gifts here at camp!