It's Your Birthday!

Treat Everyone Like it’s their Birthday!-Kid President

I really like Birthdays. I like the singing, the birthday cards, the cake, the ice cream—the whole shebang. Birthday’s are important—and not just mine (although that’s always a fun day!). I think everybody’s birthday needs to be recognized, and celebrated, even if it’s a simple “Happy Birthday” with a smile.

I know it’s kind of a weird thing to find so significant. But as I thought about WHY birthdays are so important, it came down to something like this: Birthday’s are an opportunity to tell people they matter, just because of who they are. Nobody actually EARNS a birthday. You don’t work for it, you don’t have to be a good person or have enough money to deserve one. You simply exist; the person God has made you, an awesome and unique creation. That alone is worth celebrating—that every person on Earth is specially designed by God and He knows each one, made in His image. The thing about birthdays is it’s an opportunity, at least once a year to tell the people in our lives that they matter—both to us and to God.

And maybe it’s because I really like birthdays, that I really like this quote by Kid President: Treat everyone like it’s their birthday! Which, paraphrased could read something like: Treat everyone, everyday like they’re valuable!

I have no idea how the first century celebrated birthdays (does Matzaah cake even exist?) but here’s what I do know. Though the word birthday doesn’t necessarily show up in the Bible, this principle absolutely does. From the most important commandments: Love God and Love your Neighbor, to the parable of the Good Samaritan, to Jesus saying “let the little children come to Me”, or His treatment of the woman at the well—Jesus loved and valued people and has called us to do the same.

This week look for opportunities to let the people you see every day know that they are loved and valued—both by you and the God of the universe. You probably shouldn’t say “Happy Birthday”—unless of course, it actually is their birthday—but send them a note, buy them a coffee, tell them one way that you see God growing them, and use it as an opportunity to share the love of Christ with others.


Jesus has loved us well. Let do better than a once-a-year-birthday, and share that love with others every day!