Put Down the Ducky!

My wife and I lead a small youth group at our house on Sunday evenings, for any and all local high school students.  We don’t have any food fights and we don’t eat crazy tasting things and we don’t play music at decibels that would wake the dead.  We have food, fun and fellowship.  Our schedule looks something like this; the youth arrive around six o’clock, we eat (sometimes a snack and sometimes a meal), we open God’s Word together for about forty-five minutes, we eat again, play games and then they leave.  It really is that simple!

Currently we are going through the book of Proverbs. On the most recent Sunday we looked at Proverbs chapter four and in particular verses twenty through twenty-seven.  I asked them to ponder a question during the small group time, “outside of our house on Sunday evenings, how often do you open the Word of God to glean wisdom and understanding from it?”  A common theme came from the group of guys that I was with, “we don’t have much time.” However, one or two guys chimed in and said they read almost daily.  This response made me ask, “Well how do you find the time?”  Their response, “you just have to make the time by putting something else down and picking up the Bible.” Their simple answer to the question reminded me of Sesame Street. 

In this particular episode Ernie was trying to learn how to play the saxophone but he just couldn’t get it.  His instructor realized that Ernie was holding onto his rubber ducky.  The instructor told him to “put down the ducky” if you want to play the saxophone.  Eventually Ernie listened and he learned how to play the saxophone.

What does this have to do with the guys not reading their Bibles?  It is simple. There is no magic way, there is no magic place, and there is no magic formula to spending time with God.  It is simple:  “You have to put down the ducky.”  The “ducky” may be turning off your computer, turning off the TV, putting down your cell phone, or waking up a few minutes earlier each day.  The point is there is a real simple solution; put something down and pick up your Bible.  I encourage you to pick up your Bible and get wisdom and understanding from it.


For a YouTube video of the episode follow the link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiQsaEdJ1aI