September 2017 Remembering Rock

"So are you still busy now that summer's over?" This question is a fairly familiar one to Rock Mountain Staff starting around the end of August. The Answer?

Yes! While the schedule is a bit different without guests here everday, we are still serving camps and retreats, following up on staff connections from the summer and working diligently to better serve in the upcoming year. The opportunity to slow down a bit and reflect on teh past three months is a welcome pause that allows us to acknowledge the many ways God worked in lives this summer and renew enthusiasm tocreate a place where God accomplishes such amazing things. Thank you for your prayers and support; it is a privilege to have so many praying for this ministry during the busy days of summer, as well as the quieter ones of fall here at camp!


  • We are thankful for so many participants in the Fall Golf Tournament. We surprassed our fundraising goal and will be able to purchase the needed furniture for the new staff house.
  • As we reflect on the past 3 months at camp, we served 32 groups at Rock Mountain; 12 of them were first time guests! It was a blessing to meet and host so many as they experienced Christ at camp.
  • We are praising God for the spirit of unity among all of our staff--seasonal & full-time, food service, maintenance, housekeepign and program as we served together this summer.


Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Oasis Chrsitian Center holding their retreats at Rock Mountain this month.
  • Pray for the much=-anticipated ground breaking of the new staff house; we are hoping to begin that project very soon!
  • Pray for the Fall season of ministry at camp, for clarity as we reflect on our summer, and wisdom as we plan for the next year.