Summer Camps & Retreats: Why Serve?

When you think about serving at a summer camp--what comes to mind?

Is it crazy outfits, silly songs, and ridiculous games? Because yes, there's some of that involved.

Is it long days, hot temperatures, and kids calling your name 150 times a day? Because--yes, that happens too...

Or do you think about the child who hears the gospel for the first time, or takes that step of faith in Jesus Christ? 

All of these are a part of camp life in the summertime. And even though the days are long, and you may mop the same floor 4 times a day in 90 degree weather--being a part of what God is doing at camp  is a life-changing experience: both for campers and for our staff.

So for those who are doing the mopping, answering the campers call and dressing up in weird outfits: Why do they choose to serve at camp? And what does God do in their hearts as a result?

In talking with some of our staff members they shared the following:

"I serve at camp because by doing so I get to be a part of the groups growing closer to  God during their retreat. And, as staff we grow closer to God too."

"Through camp I've learned to work with different people, and have been prepared for my future working and serving with others"

"I love to serve at camp because I can experience true Christian community. We really are like a big family"

We are thankful for what God does in the lives of our staff members--and for all that they do to help serve our guests and campers in the summer!