The second part of our F.U.S.E.D acronym is the letter U. And its stands not for a word, but for an equation: U>I. Now, I’m not all that good at math…but I do understand that the literal meaning behind this equation is YOU is greater than I. And in the context of Rock Mountain, that means that the needs, desires, requests and “YOU-ness” of guests, campers, and fellow staff, is GREATER or more significant than our own. This equation is not natural; it does not come easily and is never done perfectly. And yet, it is to this mission that we are called. For us at camp, it is our goal that the person in front of us, regardless of who they are and what they need are to take priority above ourselves. We strive to not just answer requests as they come—but to actively anticipate how we can make each person feel valued and encouraged by their time at Rock Mountain.


Jesus said it this way, in Mark 9:35 “If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all.” As we crafted our Service Core Values, the acronym F.U.S.E.D. it was our desire that they reflect the example of Jesus during His time on earth, and would be tangible ways to fulfill His commands. This challenge—to be last and servant of all, is one that we can live out every day; and yet in the context of camp and distinctly un-glamorous and tedious jobs, such as scrubbing dirty dishes and toilets, doing laundry and wiping tables for the 400th time the humility required to be the servant of all comes into sharp focus, and is an awesome opportunity to put Jesus’ words into action.