Jesus is the Rock

Almost 23 years ago an earthquake struck San Francisco area and the people there gave a lot of thought to the foundation they were built on.  Buildings built on solid ground sustained much less damage than those built on “filled in” areas.  On the southern end of the Golden Gate Bridge the pier sits directly on top of the San Andreas Fault, yet it was for the most part undamaged in that quake because the weight of the bridge rests on the two towers deeply embedded into the rock beneath the ocean.  In contrast the double-decker freeway in Oakland that collapsed was built on land that had been “filled in”.  It all looked the same until the time of testing. 

The two lives Jesus compares at the end of the Sermon on the Mount have several points in common:  they both build, they both hear Jesus’ teaching, and they both experience the same set of circumstances in their lives.  The difference between them is caused by one ignoring what Jesus said.  This summer we are encouraging staff and campers alike to build on the Rock; which means we need to be a hearing responding disciple not superficial one.  Please pray with us that the Word of God may become a Rock and sure foundation in the lives of our service staff and campers this summer and that they will put into practice what they learn here at camp.

How is Camp going?

I believe this question more than any other has been asked of us this year.  My reply, “God has done amazing things here at camp.  Not only does He provide all our needs as far as staff, facility and finances go, He provided spiritual food for those He knew needed it. 

  • During a meeting a Youth Pastors, that brought Jr. High boys and girls to camp, I asked him how things went spiritually.  He replied “they went really well, one of the best camps we have had in years, in fact on our last night one of the boys came up to me and said that he is thinking God is wanting him to go into ministry.”
  • Another group left this note for us “It was amazing to have such a friendly, funny and enthusiastic staff to be Godly examples for us.  We owe you guys and look forward to seeing you next year.”
  • After teen camp a young lady, at a fireside Bible study pulled a leader aside and informed them she was ready to become a Christian.  She wants her and the family to begin attending church so they can continue to grow and learn more about Jesus as a family


“But prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves”.                          James 1:22


The testimonies above are answers to prayer.  Young men and women alike are “stepping up to the plate” and building on the sure foundation of the Rock.